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May 2023

ESG Data Resiliency: 
From fire-fighting regulations to commercialising new opportunities

FINBOURNE and KPMG recently hosted a roundtable, attended by senior operational leaders across boutique and global asset management firms.

In this guide, we shine a light on the primary operational pain points around ESG data, and show how investment firms can break away from a ‘best endeavours’ or ‘fighting fires’ approach to find commercial opportunities that will grow their business for the future. 

Download the report to gain insights on:

- Navigating the ESG regulatory landscape to meet incoming SFDR’s requirements. 

- Best practice around consolidating and translating multiple data points (e.g. EU taxonomy) to derive value for operations, trading and reporting. 

- Achieving consistency in ESG data quality and cadence, moving from fire-fighting to credibly launching new products to meet client demand and sustain margins.