A Tech Revolution:
How Machines are Reshaping Hedge Fund Investment

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The Investment Association Tech Talk Sprint
with Neil Ryan

The Investment Association 
Tech Talk Sprint
with Neil Ryan

The Investment Association Webinar: Tackling the Data Quality issues for a fit-for-purpose tape

The IA Engine Tech Talk: Tackling the data quality issues for a fit-for-purpose tape

Talking points:
As markets move faster than ever, how are quantitative hedge funds capitalising on recent innovations in technology, AI, and data to generate alpha amid heightened economic uncertainty? What new challenges does greater market mechanisation present for business functions, and how are managers responding?

The avalanche in alternative data has brought sweeping changes to the way hedge funds develop and execute their investment themes and ideas. With data now a key focus, asset managers face major decisions on outsourcing, budgets, investors, and staffing

Beyond the systematic sphere, the machine revolution also offers potential opportunities for tech stock-focused investment strategies as well as traditional discretionary managers looking to expand their use of data and tech.

Razvan Remsing, Director of Investment Solutions, Aspect Capital
Michael Cummins, Portfolio Management Lead, FINBOURNE Technology
Nicolas Gaussel, Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer, Metori Capital Management
Gwyn Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Fund Media